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Free Video Clip and www.www film - A Diary of Abduction. It may be one of the most talked-about programs in recent memory but now, Jersey Shore, THE hit reality show which follows eight uber-tanner, and ridiculously gelled housemates as they spend a summer at the Jersey shore, is getting the real star treatment with Not Jersey Shore! A pornographic sex bonanza coming from Zero Tolerance Entertainment where the Guidos and Guidettes finally get down and dirty.

She's gonna make you beg to suck her Boy Toy's cock! Their Bitch Boy husbands always do what their told.

Vera isn't feeling very well and thought she better go see the Doctor, Dr. Soma that is. She specializes in making people feel good and today she gets to try a new treatment out. Vera isn't to sure at first but once the treatment starts there is no turning back. Strapped down, Vera is tickled intensely with fingers, feathers, and even a syringe! Sexy Girls, Great Bondage, and Loads of Hard Tickling! This is one funny film you don't want to miss!

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