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Maybe they are not teens anymore, but now they know what men like! Moms know best.

Heather seems to have the perfect life, the head cheerleader dating the coolest Frat brother on campus. But underneath it all deception and cheating seem to rule the day. When Heather has finally had enough, she exposes the truth about those who have betrayed her on a pirate radio station with the help of her geeky best friend Ralph When life takes a turn for the worse, Zoë This is the very first scene shot for Good Dyke Porn™. After considerable planning and preparation, Bren Ryder was set to shoot her first porn scene with Geneva and her girlfriend. Following the Law of Worst Case Scenarios the star couple broke up the day before the shoot. Being the consummate dedicated artist, Bren sacrificed for the team, "I'll fuck you." And so it became that Bren Ryder's first porn shoot put her in front of the camera instead of behind. The result is a playful, beautiful, and HOT sex scene. Geneva dominates Bren with concise instruction, cuffs, collar, slapping, smacking, and teasing. Alternating between the cock and a vibe, Geneva expertly orchestrates her own pleasure, much to Bren's satisfaction.

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